Aluminium Decking

Next Gen Decking uses aluminium balcony decking to produce high-quality flooring – and this is because our experience within the sector shows that aluminium decking offers great results, which any property can benefit from. Aluminium decking has a lot to offer any large-scale or multi-storey property, giving a strong defence against the elements while never compromising on aesthetics and being maintenance free for years.

Aluminium Decking

Aluminium Decking

Why Aluminium Flooring?

Aluminium offers plenty of benefits which make it a great choice for balcony floor decking. This metal is incredibly lightweight, resulting in an easier installation and limiting the difficulty of repairs further down the line. In spite of its lightweight construction, the metal is significantly stronger than most other flooring materials such as timber decking and composite decking, allowing it to perform as a material to a high standard.

This aluminium decking is available in a range of designs, allowing for an aqua channel to be installed, preventing liquid from falling from the balcony above to the balcony below – negating the need for expensive soffits. This is a massive benefit over traditional timber decking where drainage is through the timber slats. No matter where the property is, and no matter the conditions or climate, an aluminium deck will stand the test of time.

Who benefits from Aluminium Flooring?

If you own or are building a multi-storey building that needs long lasting balcony or terrace decking, you could get plenty of value from aluminium floor decking – and so might tenants. The metal’s thermal conductivity keeps heat in during the cold months, without freezing and is also still comfortable to walk upon in summer.

Large blocks of flats aren’t the only properties that might benefit from quality aluminium metal flooring; office buildings can also see the same results. Contact Next Gen Decking today, and we can add high-quality aluminium flooring to your building.